Jan 30, 2021

Top Metals for Decorative Castings

Castings are a great way to add visual interest and style to all sorts of objects around the home. It’s possible to use castings as wall art, dress up a foyer, or add a special touch to a staircase or door jamb. Outside, it’s possible to use castings as a way to dress up a fence or wall or add some element to the landscape that makes it all the more interesting.


Whether you’re looking to add something to the interior or like the idea of investing in some custom metal outdoor decorations for the yard, it pays to consider what type of material would serve you best. Here are some examples of the best metals used for decorative castings, what makes them such good choices, and even an idea or two of how to use them.


Aluminum Castings


Aluminum is an excellent choice for all sorts of castings. One of the reasons why it works so well is the fact that the metal is light. That makes it all the easier to use the castings in settings where something heavier would either be difficult to mount or seem to be out of place.


This solution for custom made metal décor works well outside because it’s capable of standing up to all sorts of weather conditions. You’re not likely to see much in the way of corrosion as the years pass. That makes it a good choice when you want to add decorative elements to a gazebo or other free-standing structure on the property. It’s also light enough to be added to different types of fencing, allowing you to add some simple but elegant touches to an otherwise basic fence. Inside, consider something like an aluminum sphere to add something different to a shelf or a shadow box.


Brass Castings


Brass is one of the decorative metals that never seems to go out of style. You already have brass candlesticks and other items inside, so why not consider adding a few more items? You’ll find that brass is great when you want to add some type of indoor decorations that help add a rich touch to all sorts of décor.


How is brass made? Not everyone is aware of the fact, but brass is composed of two parts copper and one part zinc. The result is an alloy that has a beautiful appearance that some people mistake for gold. It’s a durable material that retains the proper appearance for a long time. That’s why it’s often used for indoor elements, but something makes it outside as well.


For example, brass is a great choice for lamp bases. It also works well for picture frames of all sizes. Decorate bowls, dishes, and similar items are a great way to decorate. You can even choose to use brass planters here and there. Outside, a brass door-knocker is an excellent way to dress up a door. The fact that it won’t rust or corrode means cleaning is relatively easy and you can expect brass to maintain its appearance as the years pass.


Bronze Castings


Bronze is another classic that has been used in decorating for centuries. That’s because of the qualities that bronze brings to the table. Its appearance is one of the reasons why it remains an enduring favorite. The ease of working with bronze also makes it ideal for casting all sorts of objects, including outdoor sculpture. The fact that it can be cleaned with relative ease is also important. While you do have to deal with the oxidation on the surface, it’s actually no harder to clean bronze than it is to keep brass looking in top condition.


You already know that bronze is often used in the creation of musical instruments. How about for things around the home? You’ll find that it’s not hard to find decorative gongs that are made using brass. Since it’s easy to work with, you can find gongs that include intricate detail as well as a pleasing sound when you use them.


Are you familiar with singing bowls? These are decorative pieces that are capable of making pleasant sounds. While you do have to learn how to use the bowls properly, they can also be created using intricate detail work. That makes them conversation pieces that do add charm and a bit of elegance to the home.


Keep in mind that bronze can also be used for plaques, picture frames, mirror frames, and even to add a little something extra to door frames. Far from being something that has to remain in the kitchen, it can add warmth and style to any room of the home.

Cast Iron Castings


You may think of cast iron as something wonderful for various types of cookware, but the uses are actually much broader. This material is often used to create some beautiful custom decorative castings that can be used in a number of settings. The fact that the material is so durable means that you’ll likely be passing those items on to the generations that follow.


As a heavier material, you will need to secure the cast iron carefully. One of the trade-offs is how tough cast iron happens to be. You can use molds to create beautiful castings that help to dress up the brick or concrete wall surrounding your property. With the proper type of mounting, they will remain in place for decades without any problem. When it comes to cleaning them, washing them down with a hose will do the trick most of the time.


You can do more than use cast iron for cookware and outside elements. While the material is somewhat heavier than other options cited here, the look works well with many types of décor. That means you can use it for table bases, trivets to grace the table at mealtime, and even tabletops that work well on a patio.


Copper Castings


Copper is another metal that can be used in a number of ways around the house. While not as popular as in the past, copper molds that can be used to create all sorts of desserts are still a thing. When not in use, they can be displayed to make a wonderful collection on a wall.


Copper kettles are often preferred by those who love to make hot tea. You can also find plenty of copper planters that help to add visual interest to your green plants. As a home metal décor solution, you can also consider adding touches like copper picture frames, wall sculptures, and even as a way to dress up interior doors. If you like, there’s also the option of using copper to cast some type of sink or tub insert that restores an aging fixture and adds a decorative touch to your spaces.

Nickel Castings


Nickel has long been known for its durability as well as beauty. Since it can endure extremes of hot and cold, it’s a great choice for just about any setting one can imagine. That includes uses as part of the landscaping.


Consider how nickel could be used to cast a table with matching chairs that would grace a patio or gazebo. The material is relatively easy to keep clean and retains the appearance for decades. You could also use it for other outside uses, such as adding wall sconces or some type of sculpture to the grounds.


Inside, nickel is excellent for use with faucets as well as designing different types of kitchen utensils. Don’t overlook the use of nickel in making picture frames of all sizes and shapes. You may also want to think about using nickel as a way to create a frame that dresses up an old mirror or even think about adding nickel handles to the kitchen cabinetry.


Stainless Steel Castings


Stainless steel is a favorite for making cutlery, but have you considered how it can be cast for use in all sorts of decorating or architectural elements? As something that can be kept clean with relatively little effort, it may be what you want to consider using if it would be nice to mimic the look of silver while keeping the cost more within reason.


For example, have you considered using stainless steel to create a mantel for a contemporary fireplace? The material holds up well even in areas where there’s a lot of heat. The clean look will also make it easy to dress the mantel up or down, depending on your tastes.


Stainless steel for doors is not limited to appliances like ovens or refrigerators, You can add a stainless steel veneer to interior doors with relative ease. The result is something that catches the eye while also making it easier to keep the area clean.


Do consider using stainless steel outdoors as well. It’s great for adding decorative elements to a fence or wall. It also works well when creating outdoor planters or investing in lawn furniture that will hold up well for a long time.


Remember that the nice thing about decorative castings is that you can make use of molds already in existence or you can work with a professional to design a mold that fits in with your vision for space. The result can be a one-of-a-kind piece that no one will ever be able to replicate unless you decide to share the mold. Consider what sort of pieces would help enhance your indoor or outdoor décor today and get busy. You’re sure to be happy with the results.