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The aluminum or brass metals are stronger



Heated to a molten or liquid state



Large or complex mold for custom shape


We’ve used our foundry’s heritage to select architectural pieces we value as collectible that can be passed down from previous generations.

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Elements enhance environments

Every piece casted started with a design brought to life

Metal casted in aluminum and brass is the ideal choice when you want to elevate the aesthetic appeal with elements that show enhanced detail. We spend a lot of time selecting indoor and outdoor elements for environments that add to comfortable living.
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Why metal casting?  It allows the showcase of detail in elements. The feel and weight of 100% solid brass is like no other. When the brass and aluminum raw materials are heated to a range of 1600˚F - 2100˚F (depending on the type of metal heated) the casting process allows fabricators to pour heated molten into custom molds.   Once solidified, some elements are polished to a high luster, but most are hand-finished by skilled fabricators. 

(855) 668-6611
Products in your cart: 0
Total tax: $0.00
Total price: $0.00