Apr 28, 2021

How to Decorate Your Home with Custom Metal Signs

While metal signage is often designed to serve some sort of purpose in a public setting, there’s no reason why the signs can’t also become part of your indoor decorations Dallas. This element can add a little something that brings more visual interest to your space. Whether the plan is to add signs indoors or somewhere on the grounds, have some fun with them. The results can be spectacular if you let your imagination run wild. Here are some ideas of how to make use of custom as well as vintage signs in just about any part of the home.

how to decorate your home with custom metal signs

Metal Signage for the Foyer

The area just inside the front door is what people see when entering the home. While it’s primarily a space designed for function, no rule says it can’t be decorative as well. Consider the idea of utilizing some of the wall space in the foyer to display one or more metal signs that speak of the hospitality to come.

You can go several different ways with the signs. Something simple like a large Welcome sign would work just fine. You could also have something custom-made that includes a favorite quotation that has to do with welcoming guests and loved ones. If you like, consider going with a more whimsical touch, with something that has a squirrel embossed on the metal and a phrase like “welcome to the nuthouse!” as part of the design.

Signage That Provides Instructions As Well as Charm

If you like the idea of home metal décor that does double duty, consider pairing it with anything in the room that performs some function. The signage may provide an invitation to make use of that piece or it may simply call attention to it. Either approach adds an element of the unexpected and will likely get a chuckle from anyone who sees it.

For example, consider mounting a metal sign over a hat or coat rack. An aluminum sign that comes with an arrow and a phrase like “leave your hats and coats here” or possibly the more inviting “take off your coat and stay awhile” would be sure to capture attention from any visitors.

signage that provides instructions as well as charm

Using Metal Signs as Wall Art in the Living Room

When people think of wall art in the den or living room, they often think of portraits, prints, or paintings. Those all work well and have become expected by most people. You can mix things up a bit by investing in some larger custom signs that help to fill in space over a sofa, a sideboard, or some other larger piece of furniture.

The nice thing about metal signage is that it can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. When your living room has a more relaxed feel, you can use the signs to pick up on some of the secondary colors used in the space and work them into some sort of scene that comes with a slogan of some type. One example would be to recreate vintage advertising for a long-defunct company that used outdoor scenes in their marketing materials. Pair that with the slogans they used and possibly a mock-up of the company logo. You’ve created art that also serves as a conversation piece.

Metal Signage as Artwork Displayed on Bookcases

Metal signage doesn’t necessarily have to be large and hang on the wall. It can also be smaller and used to create interesting groupings on bookcase shelves. This is one way to add more visual interest to the room by including several different items on a single shelf.

For example, you could pair a plant, a metal sign, three to five books of the same height, and maybe a votive candle or two as the dressing for one shelf. This helps break the visual monotony of seeing what is almost like a solid wall of books and provides one more something for people to enjoy.

Remember that this decorating hack lends itself well to making changes for the holidays. If you have several different small metal signs that you can rotate as the seasons change or major holidays approach, it’s one more way to bring something of the celebration.

Signs for the Bedroom Doors

Have you considered how custom metal signs would make a nice addition to the bedroom doors? You can bet that the kids would get a kick out of seeing a sign that proclaims the space within belongs to them. The signage could include some elements that speak to the interests of each child or otherwise tell something about them. As a family project, you could work with the kids to determine what sort of elements are included in each custom sign.

While the focus here is mainly on adding a decorative element, there’s also a practical angle. If one of the kids has a friend come to visit for the first time, it’s a lot easier to see the intended destination of the child’s bedroom door sports a custom sign. Even for adult visitors, the presence of custom decorative castings Dallas on each of the doors is a quick way to ensure that no one wanders into a private space when looking for the bathroom.

signs for the bedroom doors

Something Special for the Guest Room

The guest room is intended to be a welcoming space within the home. Along with a comfortable bed and linens that feel soft to the touch, you also want to add elements that give the space a sense of being part of a home rather than a hotel. This can involve adding artistic touches that make the space unique while still visually connected to the rest of the home.

Just as you created customer metal signs for the kids’ bedroom doors, consider doing the same for the guest room door. In lieu of a name, something simple like “for guests only” or “welcome to our home” will do the trick nicely. The presence of the sign is also practical in terms of identifying the destination. A guest who has never visited your home before will appreciate the combination of the sign as well as your advise that “the guest room is the last door on the right at the end of the hallway.”

Inside the room, feel free to use metal signage in much the same way you used it in the living room or den. Custom signs with funny or inspirational sayings placed in strategic places leave something for the guest to notice during the stay. Mount them on picture stands, include them in an arrangement on a wall, or grace the guest closet with this type of sign. It’s up to you.

And a Sign for the Primary Bathroom

There’s the master bathroom that’s connected with the master bedroom. You also have a bathroom that’s found in between two children’s bedrooms. It’s the third bathroom, sometimes called the primary bathroom, that you want visitors to use. The placement of custom-made metal décor in the form of a sign can accomplish that goal.

Let the general approach or theme that you’ve used elsewhere in the house dictate what sort of metal sign you mount on or over this bathroom door.  Something simple like an arrow pointing inward and the words “right here” will work fine. You can also go with something more elaborate that includes the scene of an old-fashioned bathroom of decades past. Even something like the cartoon of a person in the middle of the sign having an obvious epiphany while being surrounded by rolls of toilet paper could be the approach you decide to use.

and a sign for the primary bathroom

Don’t Forget the Kitchen

There’s space in the kitchen for different types of custom metal signage. One benefits is that the metal will be easy to keep clean. The durability ensures you can take it off the wall, wash it in the sink, dry the sign, and put it back with ease. This is great news since it’s easy for grease to collect on different kitchen surfaces.

Have some fun with it. Go with metal signage that displays different types of raw fruit and vegetables if you like. Consider having a custom metal sign made that sports one of your favorite recipes. A sign that helps you convert measurements would be attractive as well as decorative.

Take your cues for the sign’s colors from other elements in the room. That will ensure it’s a unifying element within the space as well as providing other benefits.

don t forget the kitchen

Taking the Signage to the Patio

Many people consider the patio or lanai to be an extension of the home’s interior. You can bet that custom metal signage will be a great way to tie the space to the rest of the home. The fact that the metal signs can be treated so they hold up well against all sorts of weather makes them practical as well as decorative.

If you grill out often, consider adding some sort of signage near the area where the grill resides, possibly something that signifies who normally does the grilling. Designate a table and chairs for playing games. Another sign can be placed near the chaise lounges to remind people that it’s one person per chaise.

These are only some of the ways that you can utilize custom metal signs to add more decorative elements to the home. Consider factors like size, color, and what sort of elements you want to include on the sign. With help from a professional, it won’t take long to create a sketch and be ready to cast that first metal sign.