Jul 30, 2020


When you want something to lasts, weight is usually a good thing to gauge.  If it feels weighty in your hand, you can bet it’s a higher valued product.  Brass is heavy and tough, won't break, won’t let you down, and it looks good too.  Here's more about it.

A Metallic Alloy

People have cast brass for centuries because it's extremely useful.  Brass is two-thirds copper and one-third zinc. True fact!  Water pests like green slime of algae will not adhere or grow on brass.  Brass doesn't rust or corrode, it absorbs impacts and it cast seamlessly. Brass is four times the density of aluminum and slightly more dense than stainless steel and zinc. That's why, when you hold a brass casting in your hands, it feels solid. It's tough too. A brass casting feels like it isn't going to break, because it won't.

Aesthetic Appeal 

Brass is a premium option.  It won't create a spark when struck, it's non-magnetic and it polishes up to a brilliant yellow or red luster.  From the first day, to day 10,000, expect a timeless patina with age.  While other metals are popular and worth their grain, casting in yellow or red brass is the ideal choice when you want to enhance detail and elevate the aesthetic appeal.   

If you want to produce something that feels heavy, looks beautiful, and is a high-quality, cast in the heavy material that is brass.