Sep 30, 2021

Best Aluminum and Brass Casting Ideas

Casting is a technique that involves using a liquid metal or alloy along with a mold of some type to create all sorts of interesting goods. While there are options for using different metals, aluminium and brass tend to be popular choices. You may be thinking about having a professional create something for your home or as a gift to a friend or other loved one. If you’re looking for some ideas of what to create, here are some suggestions that will help.

Commemorative Plaques

There are all sorts of events in life that are worth celebrating. Many of them are also worth remembering long after the event is over. Choosing to create a commemorative plaque using brass or aluminium is one way to keep the memory alive.

What sorts of occasions would merit casting custom brass plaques? Wedding anniversaries are one example. Plaques that recognize the efforts of an employee that go above and beyond the norm is another. Milestones like retiring after a number of years would be the perfect event to commemorate with a plaque.

As long as the event has some sort of significance to you, having a plaque cast is a good idea. The plaque can hang on the wall or be arranged on a bookcase where it can be seen with ease. Every time you notice it, the plaque is likely to bring a smile to your face.

custom jewelry castings

Custom Jewelry Castings

Jewellery casting is another idea that you may like. The thing about this approach is you get to use the metal of choice and have it properly sealed once the piece is prepared. There are all sorts of options to consider, based on your tastes and personal preferences.

Castings for jewellery can include earrings, different jewellery for body piercing, and even items like wrist and ankle bracelets. Don’t overlook the possibility of creating a pendant that can dangle from a chain around your neck.

The castings can be left so the hue of the metal is easy to see. It’s also possible to coat brass and aluminium with all sorts of colors. Once you come up with the custom design and the mold is prepared, you could easily have several pieces cast in colors that work well with different outfits.

Unique Lamp Bases

Perhaps you would like some custom elements for your home. Lamps are found in most rooms and could be just the type of accessory that you want to make the space more unique. It’s easy enough to come up with decorative castings for lamp bases and then use the metal of your choice.

What shape would you want the lamp base? It’s up to you. Molds that would yield tall, thin bases are easy to find. You can also go with bases that look a lot like different types of pottery. A professional can help you come up with designs that range from the traditional to the contemporary. If you have some design that is relevant to a hobby or interest, there’s a good chance a professional can create a custom mold that will work perfectly.

memorial plaques

Memorial Plaques

Plaques commemorating a happy occasion are only one way to go. You may want to create a memorial plaque that honors an event, a location, a person, or a pet that has meant a great deal to you. These may be displayed in the home or somewhere on your property.

For example, a beloved pet passes away after being part of the family for many years. You chose to have the pet cremated and scattered the ashes in a part of the yard that the pet tended to enjoy most. Adding a plaque honouring the pet to a flower bed or island would be a nice touch. You could also mount the plaque on the pet’s favorite shade tree.

Since you are looking at outdoor settings, in this case, be mindful of the metal that’s chosen. You’ll find that custom made aluminum plaques are great for outdoor use. Coating the plaques with a clear sealant or one that’s tinted will ensure that it remains legible for decades.

Decorative Metal Boxes

You may not immediately think of boxes as something that’s cast, but there are all sorts of options for creating custom designs that are sure to please. All you really need to know is the dimensions and where the box is most likely to be displayed. Considering what it will likely hold can also influence the design for the cast as well as the choice of metal.

The design can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Come up with one that tends to work well with the décor in the space where the box will reside. You may find that brass is especially appropriate if you plan on creating a box that will hold tie clips, watches, and rings designed for men.

religious artwork

Religious Artwork

Perhaps you or someone that you know has an affinity for a specific religious tradition. If that’s the case, considering some sort of religious artwork is a good idea. Rather than relying on what you can find in retail stores, it’s easy enough to draw on inspiration from the tradition in question and come up with an original design.

Maybe the intent is to create religious art that is associated with Christianity in some way. You could opt for a custom made brass cross that’s more in a Celtic tradition. Maybe a design that has some relevance to Orthodox, Protestant, or Catholic traditions would be a good fit for you or someone that you know.

Consider using the symbology associated with the tradition as your inspiration. Whether it’s Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist or whatever traditional you choose, there’s bound to be plenty that can be developed. From icons to wall hangings to plaques with religious themes, casting them in a metal ensures they will hold up well as the years pass.

statuary for your garden

Statuary For Your Garden

Moving outside, how would you like to add something extra to your garden? There’s no doubt that a properly cast sealed custom brass statue would be a welcome addition. The theme for the statue can be just about anything that you like. From casts of loved ones to historical figures or pets that you’ve owned in the past, it won’t be hard to come up with some type of inspiration.

The statues can be any size that you like. Use them to line paved walkways through the garden. They can be that little something extra that helps to add some visual appeal to a pergola. Even statues that are tucked into flower beds will help to provide one more thing of beauty to behold.

Do consider the choice of metals carefully. Depending on the climate, something like cast iron or stainless steel might be a better choice. If you do prefer aluminium or brass, a coating that protects the metal will ensure it looks great for decades.

Wall Art For Inside and Outside Use

Wall art is found in many different settings these days. Many think of it as primarily a means of decorating an interior space. The fact is that you can cast wall art that works equally well outside.

With the right metal and the ideal mold, you can come up with something that will add some visual appeal to a front porch or a patio area. Mounting something in those areas provides one more thing to enjoy looking at while you spend time in that space. Use any theme that you like and that strikes you as being in harmony with the other elements found in the space.

Don’t forget that aluminum is lightweight enough to work well on interior walls. This can be a nice way to dress a space without relying on traditional elements like portraits or paintings. Opt for the metals natural hue or have it coated with a color that works well within the space.

decorative spouts and spigots

Decorative Spouts and Spigots

You may be thinking of adding something that’s practical and functional along with being attractive. When the area in question is the backyard, consider the idea of adding a custom made brass spout. The casting can be based on just about any type of animal head or even some type of plant that you like. Make it as ornate as you want or keep it simple.

The spout can also be part of your design for a waterfall or other outdoor pool. Do consider what sort of casting would provide both the volume of water and the look that you want. Doing so will mean that both the look of the spout and the sound of the running water will make it all the easier to relax in the space after a rough day.

While casting is often left to professionals, there are many people who take up metal casting as a hobby. If you’re the creative type and have the space to set up a proper workspace, spend some time learning how to ensure you know how to use the equipment and keep the space safe. Those who love the idea but prefer to leave the work in the hands of pros will have no trouble finding professionals who are set up to create molds and prepare castings of just about anything one can imagine.